Frequently asked questions.

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Why do this and not a book, podcast, journal, seminar or at-school consultancy?

There are lots of ways to access great content, but we think that having an interactive chatbot delivered to you each week is one of the most convenient. Once you get in a weekly habit of focusing on your professional development, you'll be surprised how quickly what you've learned adds up. If you're buying for your team, you'll be amazed how much difference in makes in getting them aligned and focused.

We love the chat style online format as it means you get to give input and feedback along the way. School keys has a whole community shaping its direction. You can't do that with a book!

We do in-person consulting at schools as well. If you'd like to find out more about this, please send us an email.

When you say 'chatbot', what do you mean?

There's two types of chatbots.

Firstly, the type that let you ask free-form questions and have a computer program that answers them.

Secondly, those that present interactive content in a chat format, but aren't designed to answer free-form questions.

School keys uses the second type. We don't think there's a robot that's smart enought to answer the questions you might ask about your school. But we do think the chat format is a great way to present and interact with content. You will see different content based on your choices in each bot, and have the opportunity to give comments and feedback that shapes future sessions.

The best way to understand it though, is to try it out!

It's not cheap! Why's that?

Your time is valuable and your professional development is important. We invest in School keys to make sure that it's worth your time.

School keys gives you a framework on which to build your year. From the first staff meeting onwards, School keys delivers you strategic, timely and transformational content.

While not cheap, we think this is one of the best value ways to get your professional development.

How does payment work?

Payments are processed by Stripe, one of the world's leading online payment processors. You add your credit card details just once, when you subscribe, and then monthly billing happens automatically.

What if I just want to try it out?

We think two months is a good time to try out School keys. That way you get eight sessions and a good feel for how it works.

If School keys isn't a great fit for you and your team then it's easy to unsubscribe. Just send us an email at any time after the first two months of your subscription and we'll action your request straight away.